Monthly Archives: November 2012

LOA, Manifesting Pregnancy, and Letting Go

A couple of years ago my husband and I went on a three month trip to SE Asia.  It was a dream of mine….something I always wanted to do and something my husband was willing to do with me!  He was willing to trudge through foreign countries where we couldn’t communicate, sleep in cramped trains […]

Synthroid / Levothyroxine

So I have been on Levothyroxine for about a month now.  I got my blood test yesterday and my TSH levels are at 1.8 which apparently is very good…so no change in medication.  All I need to do is carry on taking my pills every day. The brand name for Levothyroxine is Synthroid.  Essentially it’s […]

Lesson 1 : Patience

“I like to be aggressive and move quickly” is what the doctor said at our initial appointment.  And I liked that.  It was the one thing I really liked about him.  I, too, would like to be aggressive and move as quickly as possible with testing and treatment.  I’m not getting any younger here.  Skip to almost eight weeks […]

The Journey Begins

So while this journey started quite some time ago…I guess the first appointment at the fertility clinic is a good starting point.  I wasn’t going to waste any time going to my gynecologist.  Oh no.  I skipped right on over to a fertility clinic.  I did my research and while this one didn’t have the […]