Lesson 1 : Patience

“I like to be aggressive and move quickly” is what the doctor said at our initial appointment.  And I liked that.  It was the one thing I really liked about him.  I, too, would like to be aggressive and move as quickly as possible with testing and treatment.  I’m not getting any younger here. 

Skip to almost eight weeks later and still no follow-up appointment.  So here is what happens. 

At our initial appointment I was in the first week of my cycle and blood work is done during the first few days of a cycle.  So, I had to wait until my next period began to have blood taken.  Then, I had to wait until roughly mid-cycle to do the USG…which turned out fine by the way.  My tubes are not the problem! 

My husband was also doing his sperm analysis during this time.  His insurance is different than mine and he had to get a referral from his primary care physician to the clinic.  It took several weeks to get this referral and once the long awaited results were finally in they were not favorable.  Low sperm count.  And so the nurses told him he would have to re-do the test to make sure that he was not just having an off day. The next sperm analysis could be done in three weeks.  What they failed to mention was that the referral was only good for one time….so when three weeks went by and he called to make the second appointment, he was told he had to go back to the primary care physician and get ANOTHER referral.  ARRGHH!!  Couldn’t they have told him that in the first place?  So now, two months later, we are just sitting around and waiting for paperwork to be filed.

It turns out I am not all that perfect either.  They found that I have a bit of a thyroid problem.  It does not function very efficiently and my TSH levels (thyroid stimulating hormone) are at 3.5…which is ok for normal, everyday function…but not so good for having a baby.  The TSH levels actually should be between 0 and 2.5.  Apparently the thyroid sustains all living function and if I happened to magically get pregnant my thyroid wouldn’t be able to keep up with my needs as well as the needs of another growing organism in my body, especially one that doesn’t have its own thyroid yet.  So, I have started thyroid hormone replacement.  I take a pill every morning and will need to do so for as long as I want to have children.  So, I guess this is a good thing.  My body will be prepared.   I will be going back for another test to see if the dosage is enough and my levels are brought to optimal.

As for the waiting…I guess “being aggressive” and “moving quickly” in the fertility world are very different from the world I am used to.  I thought I was a patient person but this waiting and waiting is really testing my patience.  I guess this is one of those virtues that I will have to get used to practicing.


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